beta V/beta P

Pressure- and Vacuum-Switch Digital for Relative Pressure -1... 0 bar / -1... +10 bar

These electronic vacuum- and pressure sensors are trendsetting in view of technology and design. The series beta is designed as a very compact electronic switch with latest sensor technology and very good price-performance ratio. Due to small size and light weight the series beta is predestinated for all kind of handling and automation systems with space-saving specifi cations. The digital electronic enables accurate measured values. The programming of switch point, reset point and switching logic (NO/NC) can be done quite simple. The monitoring of a pressure window is possible. The programming with notebook or personal computer offers further usefull features. A copy function for passing parameters and a locking facility protect the sensor against unmeant manipulation.

  • Transistor Output Signal
  • Programmable
  • Very compact and leightweight design
  • Hysteresis- / Windows-Mode
  • Operation and Switching LED
  • NO / NC programmable

The programming can be done very flexible:

  • Factory preset
  • Cable (plus-potential on Pin 2)
  • Programming device PG-beta (accessory)
  • Notebook / PC (Software SW-beta)

Electrical / General Data:

Electrical Data
Operating Voltage Ub 9-30 VDC (Short-circuit / inverse polarity protected)
Current Consumption < 20 mA
Output (programmable) PNP Transistor
Output Voltage ca. Ub-1,5 V
Ouput Capacity max. 250 mA
Plug Connection Plug M8x1, 4-pole
Mechanical Data
Material Body PC / brass nickel-plated
Protection Class IP 65 (connected)
Pressure Port G1/8” & M5 female, 1/8” NPT, G1/4“, tube 4mm, tube 6mm (outside diameter)
Size approx. 16 x 45 mm
Programmable Parameter
Switch Point 0-100%
Reset Point 0-100%
Windows Function 0-100%
Switching Logic normally open (NO) / normally closed (NC) contact
Locking Function on / off
Repeatability 0,2% FS
Operating Temperature -10 ... +80°C
max. Overpressure max. 5 bar / max. 16 bar (10 bar - Version)
CE-Mark Conformity according EU-directive 2004/108/EG
Status and Programming LED green
Output Signal LED yellow
General Facts:
Protection Category SELV
Protection Class IP65
Model: *
Range in bar G1/8“
-1...0 S.33.200 S.33.200 beta vacuum
-1...+10 S.33.201 beta vacuum-pressure

* more versions on request

Electrical Connector

Pin Plug Connection Color Cable
1 Ub+ brown
2 PROG * white
3 GND blue
4 OUT 1 ** black
* protected against Ub+ / GND
** protected against Ub+ / not protected against GND


beta V/beta P

Download: PDF-Document


Cable Order Number
M8-Cable, 5m, PVC, 4-pole, 90° plug S.110.26.310
M8-Cable, 5m, PVC, 4-pole, straight plug S.110.26.300
M8-Cable, 5m, PVC, 4-pole, 90° plug, LED`s S.110.26.315
Adapter and Bracket
Adapter for Flange Mounting S.080.41.730
Adapter with Bracket S.080.40.610
Adapter G1/8“-G1/4“ S.080.38.614
Push-In with Bracket
Push-In-G1/8” for tube Ø 4mm / 6mm S.080.385.64 / S.080.385.66
Push-In-G1/8” for tube Ø 4mm / 6 mm with bracket S.080.385.74 / S.080.385.76
Programming Device (PG-beta + CD Room) S.110.04.000